Thursday, August 25, 2011

David Moats and Hurricane Irene

This past week we had the pleasure of welcoming David Moats to the SuperFun Eco Tours crew. David is an Outdoor Recreation major at Ohio University and is apart of the ROTC program there. David came out to the eastern shore for 60 hours of field experience and he got it. He couldn't have came out at a better time because we had one of our best weeks ever!
David did everything from unloading/loading boats to sweeping trips and taking pictures. He was an awesome help when it came to multi-tour days and kept his cool when we were at our busiest. We can not thank David enough and we know that he will go on to be one of the many productive, successful, and responsible leaders in our army forces.
Now that David is gone and things are starting to slow down for the season we have to contend with hurricane Irene. She is currently making her way up the east coast and may hit the eastern shore. If that happens we will be prepared to finish our season out no matter what the outcome. Part of being an eco tourism company is having the ability to lead trips no matter what the current environmental situation.
If the National Seashore is closed due to any damage the hurricane causes we still have the ability to lead tours of the Sinepuxent Bay. So if after the storm the park is closed feel free to give us a call. We may be one of the only ways to get onto the island, by kayak!! You can always give us a call at 410-656-9453 or send us an email at


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