Monday, October 3, 2011

An amazing season and an amazing future!!

Here at SuperFun Eco Tours it is the end of our summer kayaking season. We had a great year and owe all our success to every person who joined us for a trip, tour or rental. This year more people then ever came out to Assateague Island and experienced our brand of hands on eco tours. All of our participants were able to see and interact with the plethora of wildlife that call Assateague Island home. On average we led two full tours a day and every tour used a mixture of skill and luck to capture, interact with and release Blue Crabs, Mummichugs, Silversides, Grass Shrimp, Comb Jellies, Needle Fish, Moon Jellyfish, Sea Cucumbers and the elusive Horseshoe Crab. We also had a record number of large group trips come through the park with us this year and we would like to sincerely thank every participant who came out with us this summer!!
We would also like to thank all of our local partners! The Maryland Coastal Bays Program, Burley Oak Brewery, The Ocean City Chamber of Commerce, The Berlin Chamber of Commerce, The Harrison Hotel Group, Ayers Creek Adventures, The Paddle House Outfitters, Shockley's Market, Grow Berlin Green, The Globe Restaurant, Ocean City Recreation and Parks, Assateague Island State Park, and of coarse The Assateague Island National Seashore. All of these organizations strive to provide the local community with amazing opportunities to enjoy the local eco systems, cultures and communities. With out all of their help and support we would not be able to provide our customers with the high quality eco tours we offer throughout the summer months.
Even though we had a great year we will always strive to offer the best customer experience that we can. That means we are always looking for new trip and tour ideas. New for next year we will be offering our Burley Oak Beer tour which will highlight one of our newest partners, The Burley Oak Brewery. The tour will start with a kayak tour of Assateague Island and end at the brewery for a tasting and a tour. We are also working on an off season bus shuttle that will give the local community a chance to travel between Ocean City, Ocean Pines, and Berlin in style while cruising around in our superfun bus. Next year we will still be offering many of our most popular tours like our Sunset Tour, Fullmoon Tour, Sustainable Shellfishing Tour, and our most popular tour, the Discovery Tour.
Again, here at SuperFun we can not thank our friends, family, customers, partners and supporters enough for all the help and positive reinforcement. This has been an amazing experience so far and hope to have an amazing future filled with fun and success. We will be taking reservations for next year all winter long and can't wait to get next season started. If you would like to schedule a trip or tour for next year feel free to call us at 410-656-9453 or send us an email at


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