Sunday, August 5, 2012

Some Crazy Critters!

The last two months have been good to us here at SuperFun. We have welcomed a record amount of guests to Assateague Island, made tons of new friends, and have seen lots of rare and interesting critters. Our tours are not just kayak tours. They are a complete full service, hands on, interpretive experience that brings our guests closer to nature. During recent tours we have been coming in contact with some new creatures like the Striped Burrfish which is closely related to the Northern Puffer but has burr like spines all over it's body. Also the elusive Pipe Fish which calls the Eel Grass beds of the Sinepuxent Bay home. They are cousins of the Sea Horse, inhabit the same home range and feed on small fish and crustaceans.
Our seine nets have also been catching several fish that we usually don't see. We've caught King Fish, Croaker, White Croaker, Weak Fish, and Spot. All of which use the Sinepuxent Bay as a safe place to grow up. As they grow they will make their way into the deeper portions of the bay and into the Atlantic Ocean. These fish play an important role not only in the coastal bays of the Eastern Shore but in the coastal feeding grounds of the Atlantic Ocean.
Of course we have been seeing many of the famous Assateague Wild Horses. They have been very active in the back bays and guts that we paddle. You can see some of what we see and do during our tours on our Facebook page. We constantly post new photos of the animals we see and the experiences we have. It is a glimpse into the amazing world of SuperFun Eco Tours. If you want to see more then a glimpse give us a call at 410-656-9453 to schedule a tour.